Frequently Asked Questions.

What is in One World Whey?

Made from the world’s finest ingredients: Whey, Xylitol, Natural and Artificial Flavors (Non-Toxic, Non-Harmful, Analog Moleculs), Xanthan Gum and Stevia.

New Unflavored and Unsweetened One World Whey contains ONLY whey, 1% Xanthin Gum.

What are the One World Whey Supplement Facts?

What form of sweetener is used in One World Whey?

One World Whey contains non-GMO Maltose, non-GMO Dextrose, and stevia as a sweetener.

Is One World Whey irradiated during processing?

One World Whey is NOT irradiated. Whey protein powders must meet FDA microbial standards. Other whey proteins use heat pasteurization to kill microbes. One World Whey uses a completely cold process to remove microbes. One World Whey is not technically “raw” nor enzymatically alive. One World Whey meets the FDA microbial standards. The FDA requires that microbes not be detectable, because microbes are their concern when it comes to harmful pathogens.

Are discounts available for One World Whey?

If you purchase 2 canisters of One World Whey you will get an automatic 7% discount.

If you purchase 3 or more canisters you will get a 10% discount.

Occasional further promotions are available. Please contact us to get placed on our mailing list for notification of these promotions.

Is One World Whey Available Unsweetened?

Yes! Due to customer demand One World Whey is now available in an unflavored and unsweetened version.